Welcome to the High Seas Sailing Club Forums

If this is your first time on the forums then please read this page first. Otherwise you can go straight to the HSSC Forums.

The forums’ main goal is to provide an easy place to find crewing opportunities and for skippers to find crew. We are kicking off with 3 forums (you will need to login to see them):

Crew Available
If you would like to crew and want to advertise your general availability then why not post a new topic with a few details about you. Interested skippers can browse these ads to find crew.

Crew Wanted
If you have a boat or are a regular charter skipper you can post a new topic with a few details. This might include your planned passage itinerary if you are one of our big time cruisers. It could also include a racing programme. But please note that if you are looking for crew for a specific club event then you should post in the Club Sailing Events forum.

Club Sailing Events
A new topic will be posted by the Club Committee for each Club Sailing Event. All skippers and crew are welcome to post here to match their needs.


The crew and skipper matching facility provided by these forums is subject to The High Seas Sailing Club Code of Crewing Practice.

Please do not post defamatory or other inappropriate content. All posts are moderated and reserves the right not to publish any post. Posts are not publicly visible until they have been approved by the moderator and this may take up to 48 hours (though normally much less). makes reasonable efforts to maintain privacy and data protection.

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