Round The Island 2004

This year, the club’s had just a single entry in the ‘around the island’ race, but hey what a team. The crew aboard Ariam, a 34 foot Maxi were

Skipper- Gilad

Navigator and Barman – Phil

Helm – Sam

Entertainments Officer – Sandy

Head Chef – Jackie

Cabin Boy 2nd Class – Richard

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Log of the good ship Charlie Girl III

EXTRACTS FROM THE PURSERS LOG VOYAGE OF THE DAFT, THE DEMENTED AND THOSE WHO HAD NOTHING BETTER TO DO. Arrival 9th May 2004 We arrive in a burst of enthusiasm, expecting sunshine and smiles. The rain was most unfortunate so in an effort to bolster spirits, we retired to the most convenient taverna on the . . . → Read More: Log of the good ship Charlie Girl III

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