Skippers and Crews’ Evening 2010


So spring had almost arrived the clocks hadn’t quite changed but the days were definitely getting longer and thoughts of getting on the briny were starting to awaken in the hearts of the fair weather sailing fraternity. We salute those weather beaten hardened sailors amongst club members whose knarled knuckles never let go of the frosty tillers throughout the darkened winter months. The rest of us looked forward to the launch of the season with the “Skippers and Crew” annual gathering.

A feisty presentation of an extremely full and adventurous programme was hailed to all by our new commodore Stanley.

Having cast aside his trusty wet suit from his “Hail to the chief” speech at the close of the last season the forecast for the coming season would undoubtedly be unending sunshine from March to November – and so say all of us, and so say all of us, for he’s a jolly good fellow………..

The new years programme was stuffed full of ideas to widen the interest of the club for all age groups, all abilities and wider interpretations of getting us all onto the water as well as encouraging families to join in with all the fun.

The presentation of the new calendar included events such as canal boat racing for those that find the pace of offshore racing simply too slow and sedentary. Sailing in old gaff rigged boats on the Norfolk Broads for those that find sailing within the enclosed waters of the Solent too restricting. Even a Sunday lunch for all those that found their appetites had dropped off to an unacceptable level during the winter months – unacceptable for a Jewish sailing club that needs to sail on its stomach as that well known sailor Napoleon would have it. Oh if only they had listened to his advice at Trafalgar how history would have turned. Even a sail organised on the East Coast, the very periphery of sailing civilization for the lily livered south coast sailors. That would simply be the start of the year’s programme. Stanley continued laying out a veritable cornucopia of events that left members wide eyed and breathless. Some were heard humming the Eton boating song as they hastily scribbled dates into their dairies. Shouts were heard round the hall “take hold of that sheet”, “where’s the winch handle” and “keep grinding”. One could almost taste the sea spray in the air.

The club took great pleasure in welcoming back the Honeys, Neumans and the Tuckers to boost the family events and make the club a much more rounded organization.

Phil Sugarman ran through the on-the-water training events with boat handling weekends to given at a professional standard.

Gill introduced the ever popular Club Rally, sail in company around the cans, and dinner at the Royal London Yacht Club in Cowes. This ever popular event is really one of the most popular in the club programme.

Victor presented the blue water flotilla sail that would take place in Greece this year and would allow members to spend some time in Athens to visit the sites.

The whole evening was deemed to have been a great success by all who attended and rounded off by a staggeringly good feast arranged by Sandy Riegler.

Splice the main brace and haul on those ropes! Where’ my calendar was the shout from the highest cross tree!




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