Day Sail Training Weekend

18-22 March 2005

One boat, one weekend, fifteen crew (mainly novices), loads and loads of food and various libations, and Jac’s birthday. Sun, sea and …………….?… FOG

The season has begun.. its official.. and Phil, Jac’n Sands bashed on down to Hamble to prepare Neptune’s Spirit for the dozen or so visitors that would walk her decks and sit in her cockpit throughout the weekend.

By chartering for four days, we could invite an additional 5 people at any one time to share the sailing, and culinary experience, and allow a number of day sailors to join the resident crew.

The weather was perfect.. light winds on Saturday and more spirited 5/6 on Sunday. Much sunshine; Jac’s birthday and an average quantity of Alcohol, (Champagne breakfast on Sat and Caipirinhas a plenty!)

Let Phil take up the storyline……………!

Cut to 15:30 hours on Saturday afternoon:

“We are moored in East Cowes. The sun is shining and I am lounging on the coachroof, eating another excellent meal and sipping a glass of chilled white. Looking at the buildings on the west shore of the Medina, I pan along to look north and see, to my horror, that there is a fog bank somewhere over the Solent. What should I do? An hour and a half later and Neptune’s Spirit was safely tied up on the pontoon at Hamble Point Marina. Two of the crew disembarked, as planned. I had a double Scotch (Laphroaig – thanks Sandy). Thanks to Yaron, in particular, for helping to get us across safely. Neptune’s Spirit has no radar, but my handheld GPS (to steer well clear of the Area of Concern) and VHF radio (for listening in to Vessel Traffic Services), the controls of which I am extremely familiar with, were worth every single penny!”

Because Sands is really lazy person, and ‘cos she wanted everyone to work just a teeny bit harder, here are some quotes from our expanded crew for the weekend:-

“From me and Maz, it was awesome and we really enjoyed meeting everyone and the sailing was great!”
Michelle Weltman, Maccabi GB

“It was a really good introduction for me to practical, hands on sailing. With good weather, good food, the sea, a calm and encouraging skipper and great company! I can’t think of a better way to spend a Sunday (or any other of the week!).”
Janice Segal

“I feel I was lucky to discover what team work is. There was no doubt in my mind that the boat was under full control of its skipper, commander and crew. Sailing, befriending, celebrating and eating non stop was a breath of fresh air… “
Semi.. (Smadar Sahar)

“Going sailing was the most amazing experience in the whole world after Jerusalem and Shabbas. I really enjoyed it and learnt so much in one day and it was amazing to have experienced the fog!
I could quite happily sail away. It is an amazing experience I can’t even put into words how I feel about it. I always knew I wanted to do it and I am sure I am going to have more sailing experiences.” Ruth Ben Adir

There is no doubt that this formula worked really well.. can we contrive to hold the next one on someone else’s birthday?? I know the Champagne Breakfast was a big attraction! Any offers??

Looking forward to seeing the first timers aboard this weekend’s sail on many future occasions.

Thanks to everyone who took part in the weekend:

Phil Sugarman
Jac Harris
Yaron Peled
Janet Sinfield
Smadar Sahar (Semi)
Ruth Yael Ben Adir
Gilad Shub
Gill Burns
Avril Burns
Janice Segal
Stanley Saffer
Anthony Osoff
Michelle Weltman
Maz Sharpe

Sandy Kattan

March 2005

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